TSS’s extensive experience with automobile dealers and dealerships and the unique challenges they face, has become a hallmark of our business. As your business partner we provide not only accounting, auditing and tax services, but we are dedicated to helping you devise, plan, and implement business and financial strategies to strengthen your financial performance. We offer dealership valuations, tax planning and consulting, one-day dealership reviews, acquisitions and due diligence, succession and estate planning, employee pay plans and LIFO. Our professional staff includes former dealership CFO’s and Controllers which provides unique insight allowing us to find new ways for you to retain more profits, and identify new opportunities for dealership growth.


Financial success in the construction industry can be very complex and choosing the right CPA firm can make all the difference. Through our many years of construction experience, the TSS team understands the importance of proper financial management and has delivered cutting-edge solutions to construction professionals including architects, engineers, general contractors, specialty trades, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, painting, and more. In addition to the tax, audit, accounting and advisory services we provide to contractors of all types and sizes, TSS can help design solutions for human resource management, corporate finance, targeted cash management, succession planning, and technology.

Educational Institutions

Experience and knowledge in the independent school industry is a strong competency for TSS, who serves the majority of New England’s independent schools. Independent schools face many financial challenges. We understand the limitations on tuition and the need to establish other revenue generating programs. In addition to accounting, assurance, and tax services, we provide proactive guidance in developing non-tuition revenue streams, such as: real estate holdings, facility rentals, expanded off-season programs, adult education, and online curriculum. Our extensive experience enables us to uniquely understand the accounting and operational aspects of independent schools, including seasonal cash flow, financial aid, student loans, facilities management, and more.


Effectively managing a not-for-profit organization can be a challenging task. Strong financial leadership is key to the success where accurate, timely and transparent information is a must. Our not-for-profit clients rely on us to ensure that they remain compliant with the multitude of regulations. Tyler, Simms and St. Sauveur’s deep knowledge of the tax laws that affect not-for-profits can make sure your organization is taking advantage of all available tax credits while maximizing donor contributions.

Closely Held Businesses

Small businesses face daily challenges. In times where inventory control, cost management and tax compliance are very important, we believe you need a CPA firm willing to go the extra mile to provide value-added services over and above attestation or tax preparation. We see our engagements as a means to provide useful management information. Our team becomes a management tool that aids in shaping, strengthening and informing your company, preparing you to respond to the difficult and pressing financial decisions that you are faced with every day.


Tyler, Simms and St. Sauveur provides specialized CPA services to local and state governments, and other organizations. Beyond accounting and auditing, TSS consults with government and organizations to develop financial management solutions, human resource management, IT solutions, and more.